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Beginner Magic League is great way to get into the world of playing organized Magic.

The League is a casual experience, mainly focused on allowing beginner level players a chance to play in an organized event with a fun and relaxed atmoshpere. The league will take place over the course of six weeks, and will give players an oppurtunity to play against other entry level players.

• At the start of the league you will recieve your Magic: The Gathering "Welcome Deck", helpful tips on acquiring new cards to add to your collection, information on booster packs, and ideas for updating your newly acquired deck!

• After the first two weeks of getting familiar with how playing in organized tournaments, you will be able to purchase booster packs to help you upgrade your "Welcome Deck".

• At the end of the league, you will recieve a promo booster!

Beginner Magic League
Date:  Saturdays, August 10th - September 14th
Registration : 10:00 am
Start : 4:00 pm


​6:30 MtG Modern

7:00 Dragon Ball Super TCG

7:00 Star Wars: Destiny


6:00 Starfinder (Bi-Weekly)

6:30 Board Game Night


​6:30 MtG Standard​ - FREE!

6:30 Yugioh

​7:00 Keyforge


​6:00 Pathfinder Society

6:00 MtG Pioneer

7:00 HeroClix


6:30 MtG Standard

6:30 MtG Modern

7:00 X-Wing Miniatures

7:15 Yugioh


12:00 Board Game Day​​

3:00 MtG Pioneer


2:00 Pokemon TCG League

2:00 D&D -  Adventurer's


3:00 MtG Commander ​- 

                      Open Play

3:00 MtG Standard



26051 Hoover Rd

Warren, MI 48089


(586) 684-4263



MONDAY | 12p - 10p

TUESDAY | 12p - 10p

WEDNESDAY | 12p - 10p

THURSDAY | 12p - 10p

FRIDAY | 12p - 10p

SATURDAY | 12p - 10p

SUNDAY | 1p - 7p