​6:30 MtG Modern

7:00 Dragon Ball Super TCG

7:00 Star Wars: Destiny


6:00 Starfinder (Bi-Weekly)

6:30 Board Game Night


​6:30 MtG Standard​ - FREE!

6:30 Yugioh

​7:00 Keyforge


​6:00 Pathfinder Society

6:00 MtG Pioneer

7:00 HeroClix


6:30 MtG Standard

6:30 MtG Modern

7:00 X-Wing Miniatures

7:15 Yugioh


12:00 Board Game Day​​

3:00 MtG Pioneer


2:00 Pokemon TCG League

2:00 D&D -  Adventurer's


3:00 MtG Commander ​- 

                      Open Play

3:00 MtG Standard

​Eternal Games Board Game League

2019 Summer Season (July/August)

Eternal Games is excited to announce our Board Game League continuation!
Saturdays 5-8 pm

Week 1: Brass: Birmingham (3 pts)
Week 2: Cosmic Encounters (2 pts) / Railroad Ink (1 pt)
Week 3: A Feast for Odin (3 pts)
Week 4: Dice Forge (2 pts) / Isle of Skye (2 pts)
Week 5: Century: A New World (2 pts) / Dragon Castle (2 pts)
Week 6: Between Two Castles ( 2 pts) / Mombasa (3 pts)

Entry fee of $3 per week (No returns on entry)

Every week the winner of each game will win store credit (or promos may be given if available) and the points indicated for that game.
A fellowship prize will be awarded weekly for one random player that did not earn league points that day.

**Winner of the League goes home with a copy of A Feast for Odin**

Top player prizing for final week based on overall attendance.

No expansions will be used in our board gaming league unless specified in advance.

Players are encouraged to learn how to play before the game day as a staff member will not be teaching the game before/during the event. We will have game rules available the week prior if needed as well as a staff member on hand most days to give a summation of rule and game play. An impartial judge will be on hand to answer rules questions if any arise during play.

Maturity and fair play will be expected of league players just as in any other competitive play Eternal Games offers. This means that outright cheating, trolling other players, team-playing in a clearly competitive game, and take-backs after the player’s turn has passed are all unacceptable. The severity of any breaking of these guidelines may result in permanent removal from the league.

All league games will be 10% off for those participating in the league. A list of league players will be available at the counter for the cashier. League participant must tell cashier they are a league participant to receive 10% off.

*No refunds or exchanges if league player does not tell the cashier they are in the league and would like their discount.



26051 Hoover Rd

Warren, MI 48089


(586) 684-4263



MONDAY | 12p - 10p

TUESDAY | 12p - 10p

WEDNESDAY | 12p - 10p

THURSDAY | 12p - 10p

FRIDAY | 12p - 10p

SATURDAY | 12p - 10p

SUNDAY | 1p - 7p

Board Game League - 2019 Summer Season
Date:  Starting Saturday, July 20th
Start : 5:00 pm
Entry Fee: $3 per week

(No returns on entry)


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