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​6:30 MtG Modern

7:00 Dragon Ball Super TCG

7:00 Star Wars: Destiny


6:00 Starfinder (Bi-Weekly)

6:30 Board Game Night


​6:30 MtG Standard

​7:00 Keyforge


​6:00 Pathfinder Society

7:00 HeroClix


6:30 MtG Standard

6:30 MtG Modern

7:00 X-Wing Miniatures

7:15 Yugioh


1:00 Board Game Day​​

1:00 MtG Modern

2:00 Legend of the Five Rings


2:00 Pokemon TCG League

2:00 D&D Open Group

3:00 MtG Commander

3:00 MtG Standard



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Guaranteed Prizes:
Official Hyperspace Trial Prize Support 

*Additional prizes/raffles based on attendance

Welcome to Michigan's Hyperspace Trial (Prime Championship) for the 1st half of 2019 hosted by Eternal Games!

Up front I wanted to make sure everyone is aware that this will be a SINGLE DAY event as May 12th is Mother's Day and we're aware a lot of people couldn't stretch this to be a two day event.

-This event will follow the Community Rules Supplement for anything not cleared up by FFG Officially.
-Entry for this event will be $25.
-Registration will begin at 9:00 AM. Pre-registration will be available at a future date which will be posted in the event.
-Round 1 will begin at 10:00 AM.
*There will be AT MOST an hour lunch break given after Round 3, but prepare to bring your own snacks and food bar* 

You can find more information about Hyperspace Trials and everything involved at Fantasy Flight's Organized Play page:

Finally be sure to double check the Points Lists pdfs near the bottom of the official page here to make sure your squad is legal before the event:

Store Credit can always be used for anything in the store!

Michigan Hyperspace Trial #1
Date:  Saturday, May 11th
Registration : 9:00 am
Start : 10:00 am
Entry Fee: $25