Core Set 2019 Standard Showdown Season
Dates: 7/22-9/2 (Sundays)
Time: 3:00pm
Entry: $5
Format: Standard
Structure: 3 Rounds/No Cut

Prizing to Winning Record:
3-0 = 1 Standard Showdown Booster and Store Credit based on attendance
2-1 = Store Credit based on attendance

Standard Showdown is a great supplemental event to test and show off new builds, or see how skillful you are playing a top tier deck! Either way you don't need to win to get these awesome Standard Showdown boosters. These special boosters are awarded (up to 9 packs per event) for the following criteria:

Undefeated (3-0) Record
Returning Players* (from a previous Core Set 2019 Standard Showdown)
New Players to Eternal Games*
Players that brought a New Player to Eternal Games*

*Showdown Packs will be allocated to a max of 9 per event. We will use an "overall attendance" system to ensure packs are distributed fairly. We are limited to what Wizards of the Coast sends us and need to make sure we have enough available for every Showdown event.

Just coming back from a prior Core Set 2019 Season Standard Showdown can net you a pack! These packs are a little different then prior Showdown packs. Each special booster contains:

1 Foil Basic Land (New ones this season!! See them at the bottom of this page!!)
2 Rare or Mythic Rares from a currently Standard Legal set
1 Foil of any rarity from a currently Standard Legal set

Of course Store Credit will still be awarded as with any tournament we run, exact amounts are determined at the end of play and is based on attendance and winning records.

Standard Showdown is another great piece of the Core Set 2019 Season and will finish up with a Store Championship at the end of the season, stay tuned for more details on that tournament!

We hope to see you here for Standard Showdown and please look at our event feed for all of the other events that make up the Core Set 2019 Season.



​6:30 MtG Modern

7:00 Dragon Ball Super TCG

7:00 Star Wars: Destiny


6:00 Starfinder (Bi-Weekly)

6:30 Board Game Night

7:00 HeroClix


​6:30 MtG Standard


​6:00 Pathfinder Society

7:00 Lightseekers & Warhammer TCG (Alternating Weeks)


6:30 MtG Standard

6:30 MtG Modern

7:00 X-Wing Miniatures

7:15 Yugioh


1:00 Board Game Day​​

2:00 Legend of the Five Rings

2:00 KeyForge


2:00 Pokemon TCG League

2:00 D&D Open Group

3:00 MtG Commander

3:00 MtG Standard

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Standard Showdown

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