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Magic Open House - War of the Spark

Come join us to celebrate the new Magic: The Gathering Set, War of the Spark and receive a card from the set 1 week before it is actually released!

New to the game? This is a perfect opportunity to learn, as this event is tailored around new players. You will receive a special welcome deck and learn how to play from our staff and our seasoned players. After you learn and play some games you will receive a Foil Full Art Promo version of a card from the upcoming War of the Spark set!

Seasoned player? Come out to the store and help teach new players and you will receive a Promo too!

Overall this is a great way to get into the game in a fun, relaxed, and inviting atmosphere. Eternal Games has the best patrons and staff in the world, they will make you feel welcomed and ready to return again and again.

We hope to see you here for open house, as well as the Prerelease and beyond!

Can't make it on Saturday or Sunday? No problem! We will teach you how to play anytime and new players will always get a welcome deck!


​6:30 MtG Modern

7:00 Dragon Ball Super TCG

7:00 Star Wars: Destiny


6:00 Starfinder (Bi-Weekly)

6:30 Board Game Night


​6:30 MtG Standard

​7:00 Keyforge


​6:00 Pathfinder Society

7:00 HeroClix


6:30 MtG Standard

6:30 MtG Modern

7:00 X-Wing Miniatures

7:15 Yugioh


1:00 Board Game Day​​

1:00 MtG Modern

2:00 Legend of the Five Rings


2:00 Pokemon TCG League

2:00 D&D Open Group

3:00 MtG Commander

3:00 MtG Standard



26051 Hoover Rd

Warren, MI 48089


(586) 684-4263



MONDAY | 12p - 10p

TUESDAY | 12p - 10p

WEDNESDAY | 12p - 10p

THURSDAY | 12p - 10p

FRIDAY | 12p - 10p

SATURDAY | 12p - 10p

SUNDAY | 1p - 7p

War of the Sparks:

Open House 
Date:  Saturday, May 4th & Sunday, May 5th
Start : 2:00 pm
Entry Fee: FREE!!

Format: Booster Draft
Structure: 3 Swiss Rounds, No Cut
Prizing: Pack Per Win - Bonus Pack For Undefeated

Each participant will receive a Foil Promo (while supplies last)
Join us for draft Saturday and Sunday!

Outside of the main draft both we will also run Fire-On-Demand 8 Person drafts at $15 if there is interest

War of the Spark:
Draft Weekend
Date:  Saturday, May 4th & Sunday May 5th
Start : 2:00 pm
Entry Fee: $15