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6:30 MTG Pioneer

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War of the Spark - Planeswalker Weekend
Date:  Saturday, May 25th
Start : 2:00 pm
Format: Draft

Entry Fee: $15


1st Place: Will receive the Planeswalker Weekend Champion Playmat.

Top Eight players will receive an Alternate-Art Foil Full-art promo card from the War of the Spark Set.

The first 24 players attending Planeswalker Weekend will receive a Full-art Promo card from the War of the Spark Set.

We’re excited to announce the format for Magic Weekend—which has been named “Planeswalker Weekend."

There will be 36 Planeswalkers included in the set, and each booster pack will contain at least one Planeswalker.

For your Planeswalker Weekend Draft event, Planeswalker cards will be castable using mana of any color! This means that players will be able to play every Planeswalker they open, regardless of the color(s) of their deck.

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