Guaranteed Prizes:
Top 64: pair of extended art cards featuring Rey and Kylo Ren.
Top 32: extended art version of the plot card Temporary Truce

Top 16: Spark of Hope versions of Kylo Ren and Rey and extended art versions of Force Connection and Untamed Power.

Top 8: playmat featuring Kylo Ren and Rey teaming up and preparing to defend themselves in Snoke's throne room.
Top 4: set of nine acrylic shield tokens of Kylo Ren's iconic black and silver helmet.

The Prime Championship Winner will walk away with a playmat depicting Rey and Kylo Ren facing off against the deadly Praetorian guards. The champion will also be extended a personal invitation to the upcoming Star Wars: Destiny World Championship!

Additional Prizes TBD
*Depending on the number of players we will be taking a break for food roughly halfway through the event.*



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Star Wars Destiny Prime Championship
Date:  Saturday, October 12th
Registration : 12:00 pm
Start : 1:00 pm
Entry Fee: $20

Format: ​Standard

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